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Doyle Family

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Guatemala City, Guatemala

After 12 years of working with Manna Worldwide, God is leading us to a new ministry. We first started working with Manna as the building company that made a church for one of their partnering missionaries in Quetzal. Soon we were doing the renovation on a house to host visits from sponsoring US church groups. After getting to know many of the main staff from Manna, we were given the challenge of starting a orphanage under Manna´s umbrella. Building the orphanage and getting it certified, staffed, and populated was a dream come true for me and Mariajose because reaching out to orphans was a burden we both shared and how we first met. After the orphanage, we began a couple of programs in the San Lucas area, in El Arado, and in the edge of the city dump. Each program was designed to feed and teach children living in extreme need. Along the way, we had the opportunity to work with great people, solve problems, use all the skills we´d been given (along with some we hadn´t) to bring the message of Jesus to the world.

Through the years we have seen the great need of women as we have ministered. God allowed Mariajose to teach Bible studies and to begin to help these women, but there was so much more that needed to be done. God used many different circumstances and situation to confirm that He was leading us to help these women and their children in a more significant way.

We are excited to announce that we are joining the team at Dare for More Ministries. Their mission is to rescue, teach, and help women who find themselves in crisis due to human trafficking, poverty, and abuse. At the the beginning of 2021, through Manna´s recommendation, founder Reba Bowman sought out Mariajose to help start a work for women in Guatemala. Dare for More has been working with women for 15 years and already has CarePartners in several other countries around the world. As they prayed about where God was leading them to go next, He put Guatemala on their hearts. We can see His powerful hand at work through each step of this new beginning. As God supplies, we will be opening training centers and safe houses that will help women who are are in crisis and in need of the hope and healing that only Jesus can provide. Each center will provide Bible study, discipleship, counseling, and a skills training opportunity as well so the women can learn a skill to provide for their families in a safe and sustainable way.

We are so grateful for those of you who have supported us faithfully over the past months and years through Manna Worldwide. We hope that you will continue to support our family as we step out in this new adventure.


To continue supporting us, donations can be sent to Dare for More, PO Box 15854, Chattanooga, TN 37415.


Please make sure you make a note that this is for the Doyle’s support. Also you can give online through the Dare for More website. (Be sure to select the Guatemala Project)


Brennan grew up in the Northwoods and was very active at Grace Rhinelander.

He met Mariajose while doing missions work in Guatemala where they have made their home.


Dare for More Ministry

PO Box 15854

Chattanooga, TN 37415

(Please note Brennan and Mariajose Doyle)


Brennan - 1/14

Mariajose - 9/17

Lucia - 2/23

Ben - 12/6

Camila - 8/19.



November 29

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